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Deer Creek Walkers


Photos are from age 18 months - current pictures coming soon!

Foaled: 3/24/2003
Palomino sabino
TWHBEA #20305447

My Golden Felicity is a pretty filly with nice conformation and a very natural four beat walk. As for disposition, well, you'll be hard pressed to find one with more personality - she is very curious and always checking out anything and everything that is going on.  She's definitely easy on the eyes with her palomino coloring and chrome, and has a mischievous side to her personality that keeps you interested.

My Golden Felicity

'Jenny' has enough mane and tail for two or three horses and loves being made over and groomed. This filly has the color to attract your attention and the spark to keep it. She has just turned three years old.  Judging from what we see her doing at liberty, we are very excited about her performance under saddle!

My Golden Felicity is for sale for $3,500


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