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I'm Your Gold Huckleberry

Huck is 15 hands tall, and almost a thousand pounds.  He has plenty of bone, good feet, lots of muscle.  Many of these qualities are being lost in today's finer boned walkers. 

I chose Huck to breed to the Justice fillies I am keeping. He has produced 30 TWHBEA registered offspring to date. 17 of 30 are fillies.

Huck was a must-have from the first moment I laid eyes on him.  He is truly a horse of yesteryear with his noble profile, natural walk, heavy bone, ample muscle. Huck's rich palomino coat has a metallic sheen that simply compels you to look at him!  

His kind temperament and intelligence make him a pleasure to work with and handle.  

I'm Your Gold Huckleberry

His pedigree is rock solid.  If you are looking to get back to basics, consider this:  Huck's dam, Golden Opportunity, was born in 1968.  Huck was one of the last few foals from this exceptional mare.  She produced, among others, the noted Longview Takes No Chances.  His maternal lines are a virtual goldmine for old time gaiting genetics and palomino genes.  

Huck was sired by the renowned Royal Ivory who consistently produces horses with size, muscle, gait, and extraordinary temperaments.  Huck is a blend of high quality genetics, has an impressive pedigree, solid gaits and striking good looks. 

I'm Your Gold Huckleberry
Huck is an easy breeder and an absolute gentleman with his mares. One of Huck's most anticipated foals for '06 will be out of the top quality mare, Bad News' Grand Lady. She is due mid-October. This foal should have talent and good looks to burn, and there is the exciting possibility of palomino or buckskin coloring.

We welcome you to join our excitement and contact us today to book your quality mare for a spring breeding.

Royal Ivory Favorites Bold Gold E. Pride's Favorite Pride of Midnight H.F.
Pettit's Shirley
Rum Creek Pride E. England's Pride
Ramblers Blk. Angel.
Christmas Gold E. Bud England England's Pride
Belle England
Mack-K Last Treet Midnight Mack K.
Miss Taffy
Golden Opportunity Merry-Boy-Ike Buddy Lee Merry Boy
Bird Worde
Pearl Fitts Rhoda Allen
Fitts Alice
Dean's Starlight Golden Mack H. Last Chance
Hendrixson Bonnie
Couch's Maggie Hall Allen
Carolyn Goldie

Click on the thumbnails below to view some of Huck's progeny.

Huck is also registered Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
and offers a royal dam line of yellow horses,
including Hendrixson Bonnie, Golden Mack H. and Last Chance
topped by a sire line of Pride's Favorite, Bud England,
Midnight Mack K., and Pride of Midnight H.F. 

This is a SERIOUS breeding stallion!

Standing at Deer Creek Farm
Special Introductory
Stud Fee: $300 L.F.G.
Live cover only.
For more information, please contact us.



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