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BROODMARES  - Mares in italics will also be listed for sale. 
Goldie's Champagne Glow $6000
SIF  - Justice  due 10-4-06
Delight's Royal Threat
SIF - Justice  due 4-5-06
Judge's Criminal Mischief
SIF - Justice  due 4-11-06
Mack K's Champagne Magic $4500
SIF - Justice  due 4-06
Judge's Go Lady $3500
SIF  The Midnight Raven  due 10-4-06
Bad News' Grand Lady $7500
SIF - Im Your Gold Huckleberry  due 10-4-06
My Apache Maid $4000
SIF - Justice  due 10-5-06
Bandit's Belle Starr
SIF - Pushin Gold  due 4-11-06
Image's Spitfire $7500
SIF - Im Your Gold Huckleberry  due 10-24-06 
Im Miss Behavin' Too $4500
Ebb's Cream Delight
Masquerita  $5000
Perfect Justice
My Golden Felicity $3500
Lady's Smarty Pants  (I have GOT to change her name... I just bought her and haven't had a chance yet)
All the mares listed above that are in italics PLUS:
Cowboy Justice $3500
Kidd Cash $4500
Pushin Iced Champagne $3500
Tucker George - not for sale :)
SOLD HORSES    * = written reference   blue text = I bred & raised
*Im Blue Too (sold through WW)
Im A Red Wrangler
Im Black & Blue Too
Scooby Dooby Blue
*Pusher's Cash Bandit - bought this mare in foal 
Moonlight By Design (sold through WW)
Tennessees Golden Boy (sold through WW)
Tennessees Apache Gold
*Midnight's Majestic Image
*The Crystal Slipper
*Benny Ann Cash
*Raven's Satin Slipper
Raven's Royal Black
*Just A Glamour Girl (Justice foal)
*Design's Threat of Thunder
Design's New Moon
Design's Satin Socks
Design's Copper Moon
Alen's Shaker Lady
Black Magic Magician
Desire's Pocohontas (sold through WW)
Ready's Gold Signature
Timeless Champagne (will send written reference this spring with new picture)
Just for your reference.  This is all horses still on our premises and their call names.   
Bunny            Judge's Criminal Mischief
Dixie               My Apache Maid
Maggie           Mack K's Champagne Magic
Mouse            Delight's Royal Threat
Honey            Goldie's Champagne Glow
Go Lady         Judge's Go Lady
Jennie           My Golden Felicity
Missy             Im Miss Behavin' Too
Bug                Bad News' Grand Lady
CJ                   Cowboy Justice
Kidd               Kidd Cash
Rita               Masquerita
Huck              Im Your Gold Huckleberry
Trouble          Image's Spitfire
Kitty               Perfect Justice
Silver             Lady's Smarty Pants
T                    Pushin Iced Champagne
Shianne        Ebb's Cream Delight
Belle Starr    Bandit's Belle Starr
Oliver            Midnight's Majestic Image
Tucker          Tucker George